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I whole heartedly believe in the Resiliency of the human spirit and that each of us is imbued with the desire to achieve, to connect and to have a sense of peace.

Change is usually associated with stress and a lot of us are not fond of it. We find comfort in our routine even when that routine is allowing us to feel overwhelmed and underappreciated. Even at its worst, neglected or abused.  However, change is what inspires and produces growth. Without growth, we whither and shrink away becoming someone whom we barely recognize.  We are life forces and energy that need growth in order to realize our fullest potential. We are all unique and individual.

Joann Governale BA Psy, MSW, LCSW


"Through my journey of healing traumatic life events I had been to see many people who instead of making me feel encouraged, left me feeling discouraged. When I met Joann I thought " this is my last try at this ". I knew right away I would feel comfortable with Joann. She made me feel safe and passed no judgment on me or my thoughts. She has helped me to feel more confident in making my own choices and trusting my instincts. She's done nothing but encourage me and believe in me when I felt as if no one ever could. I've only been seeing her a few months and I have a much more positive view on my life and life in general. I am so grateful to her and I am excited to continue my journey of healing and feeling confident as we continue this great process."

Lauren N.



"Joann is a very spiritual person and lives her life every day in gratitude. She believes that whatever her personal feelings or trials are on any given day, she may come across someone who is experiencing the worst day of their lives and that kindness can make a difference and she extends that to both friends and strangers alike. When presented with a problem, Joann not only hears you, but she truly listens. Her counsel over the years has been steadfast and has brought me through some of the darkest times in my life. At times she asks the hard questions that you won’t or can’t ask of yourself but she’s compassionate, direct, she has a great sense of humor and she doesn’t judge."

Dina M.



We are so fortunate to be able to work within our passion; helping others to reach their truest potential, by offering a 'hand up' with compassion and strength.

We ALL, at some point, have gone through or are going through something that overwhelms us and steals our joy. It is our desire to guide you back to your joy or discover it for the first time.


Every aspect and context of our lives contributes to how we think, feel, and behave. That is why it is our belief that you need to be treated as a "whole" and not just the sum of your parts.



University of North Carolina Greensboro and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University Joint Master Social Work Program:


  • Master Social Work 2014

  • Awarded Wadaran Latamore Kennedy Scholar Honor in all academic years for maintaining a 4.0 GPA

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude 


Winston Salem State University:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 2012

  • Scholarship awarded from the Non-Traditional Adult Student Organization for essay and GPA (2010)

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude


Professional Affiliations:


  • Member, National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

  • Member, Psi Chi The International Honors Society of Psychology

  • Member, Theta Iota Chapter of Phi Alpha Member, National Social Work Honor Society

  • Member, National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI)